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Another method of restoring polar ice cover

The melting of polar ice leads to the complete breakdown of atmospheric balance, I have already written about the atmospheric conditions that will dominate over its surface. If artificiality does not restore climatic conditions, mankind may expect for twenty years the restoration of the original atmosphere.
Following the advice of people at wavelengths of 0.1, this period can be shortened and the original ground climate with a stable atmosphere can be restored within a few months.
The new technical solution must be carried out from an airplane at three 
hundred meters above the north and south polar. To restore the polar ice cover, 
a 70-volt electric discharge from the airplane must be produced, creating a 160m magnetic wire, 
an electron photon chain, at the end of the chain, not leaving the electrical discharge, 
but just placing it there. Electric discharge can be made with a pieso electric appliance, 
which is connected to a steel wire that is driven through the air blower of the airplane engine.
The 70-volt electric current is driven from the inside of the aircraft to the wire and the pieso electric device is mounted to the center of the aircraft side.
The magnetic discharging on the magnet on the cord adds many more magnet yarns. If we release 
an electrostatic discharge -8.4 degrees Celsius liquid oxygen that nearby nitrogen molecules 
energy levels with one energy level reduce, and is therefore subjected to magnetic fibers by 
chain reaction. The magnetic yarns to they are attracted to themselves a large amount nitrogen atoms, 
that between Earth and nitrogen atoms each other, acting values magnetic attraction rise so much, 
that with the nitrogen molecules full attracted magnet yarns get there on the earth surface  
and attract the water molecules themselves, and the nitrogen atoms are immediately cooled, 
and ice crystals are formed.
The icing begins on the eart’s surface and continues there. Between the airplane and the magnet yarn, there is no such thing as an attraction, it will be disconnected from the airplane. Nitrogen molecules are so cool that they have a cooling effect on the water content of the atmosphere, so the water molecules are frozen and grow until the height of the iceberg reaches 160 meters.
Giant icicles are formed because the nitrogen atoms gradually lose their negative energy levels and, they are placed in a higher atmospheric position, those negative energy nitrogen atoms that are above and have not yet sold their negative energy to water molecules are getting more nearly to the already frozen surface, and here the freezing of the water content of the air is started. If these nitrogen atoms also lose their negative energy, nitrogen atoms with newer negative energy will be they're down and will increase the existing ice layer. The negative energy nitrogen atoms, so they are always starting to be released on the surface of the newly formed ice, and they are becoming more and more ice-sheet.  Always with the freshly formed ice layer contacting air temperature is cooled, as long as the nitrogen atoms lose their negative energy levels.  In the elevated air layers upwards, less and less nitrogen, freezing of less and less water molecules, so the confused water molecules take on the typical icicle form.
The glaciation of the Arctic will follow the path of the airplane, ice formation is not evenly, 160 meters high ice columns, as if giant icicles were standing out of the surface, all of which are related to aprox. 20 meters high with flat ice layers.  Arctic ice-generation throughout the Arctic is sufficient to produce five bottles of liquid oxygen.
Two months and two weeks later it must be repeated again, the result is 250 m high icicle, 30 m high with a connected ice cover. Then again, after three months and two weeks repeated, the result is icicle of three hundred meters high, with a connected ice layer of 35 meters high. Then again repeated, after three months and two weeks, the result is icicle of three hundred meters high, with a connected ice layer of 35 meters high. Ice can cover the entire if the airplane's route covers the entire polar region, then five bottles of liquid oxygen are enough for the entire operation. Human intervention is no longer necessary as this amount of ice is sufficient to trigger natural ice formation. To restore the original ice cover approx. still need 10-12 days. Natural ice formation
  it starts, because the 250-meter-long icicle, are frozen flat ice layers between them
  they produce a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius.
In the vicinity of the Arctic Circle, the atmospheric subdivisions of energy levels are already being built, there is always one less air layers of energy they follow each other. From the inside of the mainland incoming air mass influx so it slows down, always only air layers have one less energy level can reach the Arctic. The slow coming airflow in turn to the existing ice formations exfoliated are frozen, and more and more ice masses are created, which will reach the original amount of ice in 10 to 12 days. At the 160 m icicle height, it is necessary to repeat the artificial ice-cooling, because it only cools to -5 degrees Celsius in the arctic climate and during the formation of ice layers -1 Celsius degree will be temperature, energy level rise. While reaching the 250 m high icicle  -5 degrees Celsius will be the temperature, which is enough to cool the slowed air streams to the freezing point. As the ice layer thickens, the increasing ice masses resulting in a colder climate, until it reaches a temperature value of 70 degrees Celsius in an undisturbed polar climate.

The easiest way to get in touch with the 0.1 wavelength

If the computer and the monitor's cable are covered with fullerene in the electric wiring 
harness of the plugs, they are loosely packed up to the power plugs, increasing the 
flow rate of the electrons.
Insulation is no longer required as fullerene moves the electrons forward, does not move in 
any other direction, has fulleren with the greatest magnetic attraction, so there is no risk 
of electric shock. The acceleration speed of the electrons accelerated by fulleren allows 
the connection to be established since the signals are first received at 0.1 wavelengths. 
Image and voice change will be unambiguously fast, so you will need to slow down. 
At the top of the computer at a distance of approx. one piece 3x3 cm magnet should 
be placed.
The flow of information signals, the attraction of moving electrons in the power lines, 
provides over the wire. However, the magnet attracts the information codes towards 
itself, and the fullerene is backward.
However, we need to initiate a contact, but we need to initiate our wavelength, and 
wait for it, but no response will arrive, so the picture and sound will be displayed. 
The information patterns dissipate as a result of magnetic attraction to information patterns 
that are once again attracted to fullerene-treated wires. Here they fit into patterns again. 
Here they fit into patterns again. The amount of time elapsed during the protuberance and 
patterning ensures the traceability of image and sound.
When communication with the wavelength of 0.1 is completed, you need to ask the contact 
partners at down. They can receive the information signals there, a minute later, the pictures 
transmitted the wavelength of 0.1 to place the computer on the original network, 
they are only able to do this. 
You will need to remove the magnet from your computer, and you will no longer need 
to slow from the wavelength of the caller's computer monitor are displayed with sound.
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The physics of disaster

I got quite accurate information, physical events related to the disaster.
I had already started the process when the atmosphere of a well-balanced energy level differences have increased, so that the higher pressure polar air masses more readily penetrate into the interior of the Earth. This lasts both directions until all polar air comes out not. The corners of the vacuum is generated, it means that you are pushing the space, a vacuum is created, the corresponding temperature 271C-value.
The vacuum sucks the sun continuously emitted photons, or plasma, until it reaches one atmosphere pressure, and this characteristic value -70C
Sun rays due to small angles of incidence of this maximum value for air.
Then again will be the highest pressure, plasma pressure, which gradually push forward the front and air masses from the north pole to the south pole points and vice versa, to the south of the north. So in the end will be gradually re-atmosphere over the Arctic and areas without the atmosphere, until the original air mass quantity is not there. Together with the moisture of the air mass is received, which pour down hail as a result of the rapid cooling and long-term exposure to cold with frost with block ice. If the difference between the energy levels are matched, then the amount is constant.
By that time, all over the earth cools the air and through -30C two weeks will be the average temperature.
Together with the polar atmosphere from the polar ice flows humidity and rapid cooling due to the electrons in water , which have been further from the usual electron orbits , suddenly returned to their original positions , and all rain water molecule is formed. But as the temperature drops very suddenly minus 30C on, descend to earth in the form of hail. In a very short time 5cm thick layer of ice formed around the surface, which can result in permanent minus degrees are quickly becoming ice stiffens.
The two weeks of minus 30 degrees to minus twenty two weeks, then two weeks minus ten, minus two weeks the temperature is between zero and one followed only after it starts to slow warming by the sun's radiation. 20 C is needed is to push the value back to one atmosphere of pressure, and it will take ten years. Ten more years to that of the original well-balanced, gradually built up their energy level differences again to ensure the retention of polar air currents.

The 360-degree curvature of the Earth every ten-thousandth of one degree lower energy level for final dissimilarity. Each day tens of thousands of degrees from the one photon is radiated beam of the plasma mass.
However, while this arrangement lasts long, just like now, the vicissitudes of weather we experience it. Storms, floods, hail, etc.
Twenty years later, but returned to its original equilibrium climate.

The next winter will be the December -20C, the rest of the winter, as was the recent winter ever. The spring and summer of this year is also about. same. The big change is the one subsequent winter.
Then start the polar air masses in the transgression, which brings the real disaster.
The good news is that the process can be stopped even if the polar ice blocks to restore the original condition within two months. The method has been detailed in earlier, but now it's double the amount of everything needed. This is still only twenty billion dollars, is now more of a recovery of the cost of weather-related disasters.

Incalculable consequences of a future disaster

The most serious to exterminate all of the people who live in tropical climates, situated in the forests, plants, vegetation and fauna of all animals.
The sub-tropical flora and fauna can be invaluable damage occurs, and the majority of people will not make it.
The ice coats the electric grids and torn up, the power fails.
The oil and natural gas production will pause, stop running the manufacturing plants, because of the reserve will be sufficient only to residential care. Schools, public institutions should be closed because it is the amount that will not be enough.
The traffic stops, rail, air, road as well. In practice, for three months, paralyzed throughout the world.
Terribly difficult life situation is all, and the destruction of priceless value does destroy almost everything.
When the ice melted, the sea level will rise with 20 meters and inundate everything, not only in the coastal areas, but each point of the Earth, only the mountains and all hills remain intact.
Hold for a month the 20twenty meters flood level, and yet it takes a month to completely slow down the back.
The atmosphere humidity is 90%, because of the evaporation of the water level decreases, which means that water molecules are far from the original path by electrons.
The atmosphere is moving the moisture content of the corners to fall under the form of snow by a gradual decrease in temperature, it is usually in the corner areas of very durable and does not melt and the poles fall under the form of snow frozen ice crystals, then builds up, it will be the end ice blocks to freeze up, it can after a month of elevated water levels recede.
After the flood begins with the invasion of epidemic spreading like viruses, bacteria, a mass will be launched to find the right for a different energy level host. First, operating at the highest energies viruses and bacteria attack the highest-energy plant in the host body. People, animals, plants devastate both.
The low-energy plant will be the last people in line.
As if the universe is to know who are the people that caused the disaster.
The highest energy spend hours in the highest wavelength features of our site, because these people will no away satisfied until the highest no access. So the universe is punishing those who do not know their mind to control the energy levels. The universe is not receiving the higher energy levels, it is wrong to oppress the weak and translate, but on the contrary, to protect them and the excess energies are always used in the construction of a better future.
Badly misused by the universe to their advantages, and now have to pay dearly.
Think about themselves, and use the last option, if only to protect their own lives.


Preventing disaster Moon of the slices attracting of negative energy by using, in the same way as has once been stated, but care should be taken to simultaneously large compartment for off service execution does not happen because the magnet yarn is not enough density to weave it into the ground, and rupturing, the entire operation will fail.
If not would do nothing to prevent the disaster, a multi-billion man does not survive this horror-filled situation.
In addition, it will also reduce the number of starving humanity, well thought out, how do you decide?